Sturgeon Residence

Valetta is one of the most diverse streets in Louisville. There are numerous styles ranging from a pink art deco, to an A-frame, to a craftsman creation, to this home with a modern twist. There is enough space between the houses on the street that they can breathe as individual sculptures, but they are close enough to offer the sense of a museum exhibit. 

We started this house with a typical Bedford stone ranch, and my clients asked me to really push the boundaries. Their love of modern styling made for an interesting launching pad for the project. The most disturbing thing to me was that the original house had a front door on the opposite side of the property from the driveway. When guests arrived by car, they would be forced to walk back down the driveway in order to climb a flight of stairs, and then walk across the front of the house to get to the entrance. 

I wanted this transformation to let the house address the street, but also equally address the arriving guest. The angled walls twist the front door from the plane parallel to the street, allowing it to face the arrival point of the driveway more directly. The arch is a further gesture towards greeting the guest.