Culp-Sipher House


This is a very conceptual house. My clients were a fascinating couple who were in so many ways crazy opposites. I found them to be a puzzle and wanted their house to reflect that.  

When I presented the design to them I had built a model of the house that was a 3D puzzle. I asked them to put it together in whatever way that felt right to them. I thought that I had lost them at first, but within minutes they were grabbing pieces out of each other's hands believing they had discovered the secret. 

The site for the house is a long narrow lot with the short side on a reservoir. It would have been quite natural to create a design putting a long house parallel to the water view. However, with a short water face to work with, the lot would have dictated a long house perpendicular to the water. My solution was to turn the house on end, and make a sort of tower with three stories above grade and am obvious walk-out basement to compliment the design. 

My greatest compliment as an architect came directly from this project. Please visit my accolades.