Townsend Residence

We had a very difficult shape that we were constrained to on this project by very established and ornamental gardens which pressed up against an existing deck. The work had to be done with great care not to destroy the plantings and ponds. 

We were able to create a beautiful and fully functional kitchen for entertaining and simply reading a book while alone in the sitting area. The rest of the first floor has stained wood paneling. Though gorgeous it is dark, and the challenge was to make the new kitchen bright while not standing out from the rest of the first floor. The obvious solution was that modern materials with sheen aided in reflecting light, while the darker colors blend perfectly in the heavy Victorian Parlors.

The addition of windows brought in more natural light, and combining that with abundant electric light allows for the home to always feel bright.

The result is a modern re-design which blends beautifully with the original Victorian style,

and perpetuates a feeling that is both fresh and bright. 

                  Before                                      After